Owning A Luscious Lawn With Less Stress! Sometimes best to hire a professional lawn service.

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Having a healthy, green lawn can change the whole look of your home. Not only does it give your home added value and curb appeal, but it can also make your home feels like an oasis from the cement and asphalt world. But not all of us are cut out for spending hours a week on our lawns, which is why it is sometimes best to hire a professional lawn service. They can help you create the lawn you have always desired.

There are many phenomenal lawn services out there for you to choose from and these experts know exactly what to do to get your lawn back in shape. Lawn service companies have trained experts that know how to get the most out of your lawn. You will not have to worry about what seeds, fertilizer, etc. your lawn needs as they can take care of all that for you. Once they are on the job, sit back and relax and let them work their magic!

Once you have found a lawn service that you are comfortable with, take stock of where your lawn is and where you want it to be. It is always possible to put down new turf, but that can cost quite a bit of money. Most lawns, even the poorest among them, can be revitalized with some care and diligence. Your lawn professional can go over the options but there is a good chance they can bring your old grass back to life!

The ideal time to get started is in the spring. If needed, this will begin with cleaning up debris from the winter and fall. The next step will be aerating your lawn. Aeration is a beneficial procedure that will help maintain the health of your lawn all year. Aerating increases oxygen and loosens soil for maximum growth potential as well as reducing water runoff. Once this is done, they will need to seed and fertilize to get your new lawn on its way.

With spring preparations finished, summer should bring the beginnings of your new lawn! Most professionals will advise keeping your grass at about 3” all year round. During the summer, you may need weed and insect control and most likely more fertilizer. It will also need regular watering. Your lawn professional will let you know exactly when and how much.

Fall is a great time for your lawn to grow and resuscitate. The warm weather and moisture are ideal to bring out the lustier of your lawn after the summer heat. You will want your service to “weed and feed” your lawn before winter. This will help your lawn thrive in the fall and come back even better in the spring.

Having a beautiful lawn is wonderful but it also is a lot of work. With the help of professional lawn service, it does not have to be. With their help, you can have the lawn you want and also have the time to enjoy it! After your lawn is up to par, you may decide you want to go further and add flowers and other decorative plants. Luckily you will have an expert available that can help you!

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