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You know it’s time to finally give you home the paint job it needs. Tempted as you may be to take on the project yourself, you may find yourself in hardware store perusing the paint cans. Sometimes, though, it’s more complicated than that. If you lack the time, it’s not a great idea to take on the project. Or the job could be too dangerous for a novice painter. Either way, you may need to hand the position over to an expert. What do you have to do to pick the painting contractor who will get it done? Take your time to find the right person and your project will end up a success.

Before starting the search for the right painting contractor, look for some good ideas for your project. Take the time to look through paint samples at the local hardware store. Magazines that are dedicated to subjects like home décor can be a source of inspiration for your project. Be sure to know exactly what you want your home to look like before meeting with paint contractors.

Good painting contractors can be found through referrals. Find a person you trust to recommend a painter they’ve used before. When you know what you’re getting into, the experience may be better. Ask hardware stores for referrals to good painters. Only painting contractors who have good relationships with the stores will be recommended. So, picking a painting contractor from a hardware store’s recommendation is almost a guarantee for a good experience.

Without the resources to ask for a referral, internet research is another option. Start by scouring the internet for local painters with good reviews and high ratings. You should look for a painter who is a member of some sort of painting association, because it ensures that they have a good standing in the community.

It is essential to ask plenty of questions during the interview with the painters. Know what sort of methods the painter will use, as well as their familiarity with the materials. Also, you should know the schedule they plan to stick with for the duration of the project.

The painting contractors that you interview should hand over some references. At least three names of happy former clients should suffice. Call these people up and be sure that their experience was a good one. It’s a bad sign if the contractor is unwilling to give you a few references. You’re probably in for a good experience if the painter is open to sharing the names of past clients.

Keep discussing payment for the final step before hiring a painter. Make sure you know exactly what will be included in the price. Know that you are getting more than one coat of paint and the quality of work that you require. A good painter should already have connections to stores to put materials on tab. Therefore, you should never give out any money before the project is completed.

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