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Eggs are one of the important things without which our breakfast is incomplete. An egg is a rich source of different types of vitamins (A, D, and E) and minerals. Eggs have many uses, hardboiled eggs are used for salads while soft-cooked eggs are used in an egg cup and toasting strip. And last but not least poach eggs are used for eggs Benedict an unavoidable brunch food. It is hard to know the skills of perfectly cooked eggs.

To solve the puzzle of under or over-cooked KRUPS made a special kitchen appliance for this purpose. This appliance’s name is KRUPS Egg Cooker, White. This is one of the established brands in the kitchen appliances niche and we can trust products from this source. You now have a perfect electric egg cooker with no tension of under or over-cooked eggs. Simple to operate add adequate water and place eggs properly inside the machine, plugin and let the machine do the rest!


KRUPS Egg Cooker, White Description

This appliance is made in the USA, so no fear of bad quality imported products.

Easy to Use:

Easy to use no special techniques need. You can cook your eggs in the mode you like soft, medium, and hard. After making the decision about the cooking type, the next step is to fill the graduated measuring cups with water, pour water into the cooking dish, and pierce each egg with an included pin to avoid eggs cracking during cooking. When all these steps are done next step is to place them on the eggs holder and on the appliance. Within a couple of minutes, you have properly cooked eggs. Enjoy every day without tension!

Keeping Warm Function:

It is not only perfect for boiling the eggs but it is also the master of keeping them warm as well. Once this cooking process completes it is time either to remove them from the appliance if you needed them now. If you don’t want to use them now then you would switch on the knob to keep them warm. It is a very handy feature for family members with different breakfast schedules.

Poached Egg preparation made easy

For all those poached egg lovers who want to enjoy it but don’t want to pass through the learning curve of this cooking technique then the KRUPS Egg Cooker role comes to play. This appliance is equipped with a special two poaching trays system dedicated to this cooking style. Now you can easily prepare a perfect poached egg with this tool within a jiffy. Another use of these specially designed trays is low-fat omelet preparation. This appliance requires less oil than a normal frying fan. It is time to change from high fat to low fat. Happy poaching and low-fat omelet!

  • Electric Power: 40watt
  • It can boil up to 7 eggs in one shift.
  • This appliance has two poaching trays to prepare poached eggs or individual omelets.
  • It has a dual switch system one for boiling and one for keeping warm.
  • It has a sounding system for alarming on completion of the cooking cycle.
  • It is equipped with a water indicator level. Eggs piercer is also included in this package.
  • This product is supplied with 2 years worldwide warranty. So no tension in case of any bad thing happens to your product within this period of time!

KRUPS Egg Cooker Key Features

  • Not imported, made in USA. More healthy and high quality as compared to imported products where health hazardous are common.
  • Power:400watts
  • Eggs Capacity: It can boil 7 eggs in one shift.
  • Special poaching and omelet trays included for low fat dieters. Poaching is so easy! Omelet is less fatty!
  • Dual operating system for boiling and keeping warm. You can have warm pre-prepared eggs all time. Once cooked keep them warm and enjoy any time you want. Cool feature for family with different breakfast schedule.
  • No fear of overcooked or water drying because of sound function indicates the end of cooking cycle.
  • Water measuring cups with firm marks.
  • Eggs removal holder fits to any size of egg.
  • On/off indicator light
  • Cord wrap
  • Piercing pin included to avoid eggs cracking
  • Product Physical Dimension: 7.7 x 6.4 x 5.5 Inches
  • Product Weight: 1.1 Pound
  • 2 years limited worldwide warranty

Best Place To Buy This KRUPS Egg Cooker

For all those eggs eaters who want to equip their kitchen electric egg cooker, this is the best product and best time to go for. This discounted offer is time and stock-bound and can disappear any time!

Final Recommendation about this KRUPS Egg Cooker, White

For all those folks who want an electric eggs cooker then this KRUPS Egg Cooker, White is the best option for them because of a high number of comparative features like a boiled egg (soft, medium, and hardboiled), poached, and low-fat omelet. Its current big discount is another nonignorable factor. So on basis of these striking features and big price off we are in a position to recommend this appliance for new users. The majorities of current owners of this tool are also satisfied and recommend it for newcomers also.

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