Lodge 5 Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set, Black

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This Lodge 5 Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set, Black, Black is an economical addition to your kitchen appliances. It is an economical decision for reasons of high quality and durability of lodge cast iron appliances standards. The lodge is an old player in this market with more than 100 years of production experience with a specialty in cast iron-based appliances. So now it is quiet for you to decide the quality of this cast iron cookware set with reference to 100 years of experience of manufactures.

Lodge 5 Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set, Black Detail

This 5 piece of Cast Iron cookware set is the most widely used set. It consists of

  • 8- inch skillet
  • 10-1/4 inch skillet
  • 5-Quat Dutch oven
  • 10-1/4 inch cast iron cover
  • and 10-1/2-Inch round griddle

The iron cover is compatible with both 10-1/4-Inch skillet and Dutch oven.

Cast iron can be used on campfire, stove-top, and in the oven. These appliances are ideal for slow. Cast iron-based kitchen appliances are best for slow cooking. As this appliance is from one of the best-cast iron appliances manufacturers so the performance is superb!


Cast Iron has high heat conduction and retention features so with these appliances you can sear meat at high temperature.

You can do different types of cooking with this cookware set e.g. eggs, pancakes, steaks, chicken, hamburgers, and can bake desserts and casseroles and so on.

These appliances are already seasoned, ready to use. A little vegetable oil before use will further help to prevent food from sticking.

(Note: In the future, if you feel seasoning is required; common symptoms for seasoning requirements are that appliance color becomes dull gray or food sticking. So you can use manufacturer guidelines for re-seasoning.)

These are the toughest appliances in the market and will serve generation to generation.

Lodge 5 Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set Specifications

  • Brand: Lodge
  • Product Model: L5HS3
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • No. Of Pieces: 5
  • Included: 8- inch skillet, 10-1/4 inch skillet, 5-Quat Dutch oven, 10-1/4 inch cast iron cover, and 10-1/2-Inch round griddle
  • It is Pre-seasoned and ready to use.
  • Best for heat conduction and retention
  • Product Shipping Weight: 27 Pounds
  • Product Physical Dimension: 13.8 x 12.2 x 7.2 Inches

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Final View

Economical, high-quality cookware set from trusted brands with big discount offers; these are the reasons for this set recommendation. For more up-to-date information about this Lodge 5 Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set, Black click here …

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