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5 Best Outdoor Usb Solar Panel in 2022: ( Review and Complete Buying Guide)

Are you looking for an Outdoor Usb solar panel for your traveling or work purpose? But you can not find any best option or be confused about choosing the perfect USB solar panel for you. Then we are here with a review and complete buying guide to help you find your best outdoor USB solar panel.

Who travel a lot or who have to work by the roadside or in a constructive area. They mostly need these outdoor USB solar panels. These are easily portable and very well manageable at any place. Sometimes in traveling or some space where you can’t charge or use any electricity, in that case, these USB solar panels work a lot better.

Here in this article, we have reviewed five top-rated USB solar panels. Keep reading to know about all the top five products.

In this article, you can learn about five different outdoor USB solar panels. About their pros and cons. What are their unique features? A complete buying guide that will help you a lot to select your preferred one. So keep reading.

5 top product list:

Best five outdoor USB solar panel review

No: #01 Jackery Portable Solar Generator:

Best pick for Outdoors Camping and Travel Hunting Emergency. Suppose you are looking for a USB solar panel that is very powerful and comes in whole complete packaging. Then you should go for Jackery portable solar generators. These are best for outdoor camping and traveling.


Product review:

Jackery is always a well-known brand for its USB solar chargers. In the whole packaging, they provide 240wh battery backup, 2 USB ports, one jackery entry-level explorer for outdoor. Besides one car cable, two-year customer service is also included.

The USB solar panel has a 4-way charging system. It can provide a 200 wattage power supply in one charge. Their reliable portable power can recharge iPad, laptop, camping light up and your car also. Enjoy this super affordable solar panel charger on traveling or use the home for working.

Feature specification:

  • Product dimension:5.19 x 9.05 x 7.67 inches
  • Item weight:6.82 pounds
  • wattage/ voltage:200 watts
  • Manufacturer: Jackery
  • Charging port:2* USB-A ports and 1* DC carport


  • Has 2 USB port and 1 AC adapter
  • Provide a 4-way charging system
  • Provide 240wh battery backup
  • Come With one car cable, one user guide
  • Provide two-year customer service
  • Have a wall outlet, car outlet, and generator for better charging options.
  • Affordable to buy


  • It takes too long to charge.

Best Place to Buy this Jackery Portable Solar Generator

No #02 Aeiusny Solar Panel Monocrystalline Solar Charger:

Best for easily foldable solar charger. To charge our smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras, we always need a backup solution. Aeiusny solar panel power station can give backup support with their monocrystalline charger.


Product review:

Aeiusny solar panels can easily use with any portable power station and adapter. Their Dc adapter comes in different sizes with Suaoki/Jackery/Enkeeo/Goal Zero Yeti/Webtop/Paxcess/ROCKPALS power stations.

Ideally can be used for outdoor power usage or in power outages. This device is entirely water-resistant, high-temperature resistant. It’s best for hiking, camping, traveling far away, or other outdoor activities. Its minimal weight makes this product easier to carry anywhere.

Feature specification:

  • Product dimension:21.34 x 16 x 3.15 inches
  • Item weight:11.28 pounds
  • wattage/ voltage:120 watt
  • Manufacturer: Aeiusny
  • Charging port: USB output


  • Briefcase size is effortless to carry
  • Easily foldable and portable to any RV, tent
  • The substantial solar panel can provide more energy through sunlight
  • Instantly recharge your devices
  • The solar panels are completely waterproof.


  • Their plugging system should be better.

Best Place to Buy this Aeiusny Solar Panel Monocrystalline Solar Charger

No #03 Sweet curly Portable Solar Panel Charger:

Best pick for camping and batteryless solar panel. People who need a considerable power supply during camping or working. They can purchase this Swetcurly portable USB solar charger. Its 120w size generator can store more energy than others.


Product review:

The first charging power station Swetcurly is the best battery-less solar panel. It is battery-less, so you have to purchase any extra battery, making this more affordable to the users. Its vast power generator can store high conversion efficiency up to 23%, which works better than other conventional panels.

Besides this, solar generators can provide more power supply to charge your devices faster. This brand has high ratings for its fast, foldable, and portable solar panel. The material of solar panels is oxford cloth that stores energy to power quite quickly.

Feature specification:

  • Product dimension:22.85 x 16 x 2.76 inches
  • Item weight:8.68 pounds
  • wattage/ voltage: 120 watt
  • Manufacturer:Sunpals
  • Charging port:USB1(5V,2.4A) output port


  • Require no batteries
  • Provide fast-charging than any other solar charger
  • Recharge any device or power banks easily
  • Perfect size to carry on long trips
  • Efficiently store light energy


It can cause an explosion
Solar material is very cheap

Best Place to Buy this Sweet curly Portable Solar Panel Charger

No #04 TogoPower 60W Solar Panel Battery Charger:

Best pick for fast charging solar panel. A manageable solar panel will be environmentally friendly. At the same time, it can save energy and electricity also. It is better to use solar panel battery chargers than other power stations. Togopower solar battery charger gives you the option for energy saving.


Product review:

Togopower solar panels provide a whole packaging of 60-watt bags. You will be impressed with the different power cord functions of this solar charger. It recharges your device way faster than you can’t imagine. Its monocrystalline solar panels can provide high conversion efficiency of up to 23 %.

It has a dual USB port for faster charging of your devices. This waterproof packaging solar panel comes with a 12-month service warranty and a user’s manual. They have also provided consumer services as per our needs. Overall it’s a highly rated outdoor USB solar panel.

Feature specification:

  • Product dimension:17.4 x 15.5 x 2.6 inches
  • Item weight:8.38 pounds
  • wattage/ voltage:60 watt
  • Manufacturer:TogoPOWER
  • Charging port:DC 18V/3.3A(Max)


  • Provide fast charging
  • Coomes with portable carry bags
  • Have 12-month product warranty as well
  • Very lightweight and suitable material solar panels
  • Durable and quite reasonable


  • The cord application is incorrect
  • Their size of packaging is not well enough

Best Place to Buy this TogoPower 60W Solar Panel Battery Charger

No #05 EnginStar Foldable Solar Panel Charger:

Best for portable solar generators. A suitable solar panel that can easily connect with different solar generators is a must. Engin star solar charger is that kind of solar system. For big camping or RV trips, this foldable but giant solar charger works well.


Product review:

The incredible feature of this solar panel is it can provide a 4-way output port service to charge. Yes, you can recharge so many alternatives at one time with these different outputs. It’s pretty big and can store more energy from sunlight than other panels.

Though they can be significant but easily foldable and carryable, these solar generators can be used with any power station. These 100W solar panels possess high efficiency up to 22%. The whole packaging comes with a 100w solar panel, dc parallel cable, 10-in-1 connection cable, user manual, and other accessories.

Feature specification:

  • Product dimension: 21.3 x 14.5 x 2.6 inches
  • Item weight: 12.03 pounds
  • wattage/ voltage: 300 watt
  • Manufacturer: EnginStar
  • Charging port: DC & USB Output Power: 100W(Max)


  • Can provide electricity in low light environment
  • Provide USB charger
  • The packaging is handy to carry
  • The solar panel comes with a kickstand.
  • Budget-friendly product with good features.


The whole packaging is relatively heavier.

Best Place to Buy this EnginStar Foldable Solar Panel Charger

Buying guide/ Things to notice before buying:

People who haven’t used outdoor portable solar chargers. They might find it challenging to buy an Outdoor USB solar panel. But don’t worry, we have mentioned a complete buying guide for them. It will help them a lot to find the perfect USB solar chargers.

Now in the networking world, it’s essential to stay connected. But if you are on the outside.

Your electric devices are dead; then, you can’t stay connected to your work. To help you, a portable USB solar panel is a must-have. Carefully notice these features of the USB solar charger if you haven’t bought one before.

The solar panel size:

It’s better if the size will remain compact and portable. It might have an extra battery or sunlight converter or adapter to recharge your devices for personal use solar panels. But remember, the more extensive the size will be, it can store more energy than a small one.

Easy to carry enough:

The whole package should be lightweight to carry. If the solar panel is easily foldable, then it’s easier to maintain and also charge. Some packages come with external batteries and power converters that are pretty difficult to carry.

Reasonable at a price:

There are several products available in the market. Try to choose a USB solar panel that is easily returnable and not much expensive.

How portable the solar weight:

Try to purchase lighter solar panels as much as possible. Because it is lightweight, it’s easy to carry and quicker to absorb the sun’s power to electric energy.

Check the capacity and wattage:

First, try to measure how much wattage you will need to store. Most of the people used to buy over wattage and large panels with bigger capacity. But it’s better to buy the wattage power you will need at that consumption.


Is it very costly to buy an outdoor USB solar panel?

Answer: Not at all. Different brands have provided different price ranges for their USB solar generators. In this article, you can find the most reasonable USB solar panels easily. The price range starts from only 100.00$.

Can I use it for charging my phone, laptop, or any other gadgets?

Answer: yes, of course. Not only charging phones, laptops, and anything else. You can even use it as a portable music player charger. Provide electricity to charge car batteries, for an RV, to watch television, and some solar generators can also be used to microwave anything.

What are the benefits of using this solar panel?

Answer: An outdoor USB solar charger is used to get help from searching for power stations. Even in an unsunny, cloudy, wet area, you can save your energy through the USB generator and use them later. You can store the solar energy and use them later to charge your cell phone or laptop and other things also.

Can I use it anywhere with myself?

Answer: Yes, of course. Through storing the energy from solar power. You can take it to any place or any area with you as portable chargers.

Bottom line:

When we randomly go camping or outside in any places where there is no electricity. These outdoor USB solar panels work like magic for us. Even in some constructive areas, sometimes they have a lack of electricity. There, a portable generator solar panel works so well.

Besides, these solar panels come with fast charging and battery options also. You only need to have the heat of the sun to activate your solar panel system. These are portable, foldable, and reasonably priced. Available in any online store, the rush of these unique panels right now.

Suppose you ask which two will be our best recommendation. Then we prefer to buy TogoPower 60W Solar Panel Battery Charger and Jackery Portable Solar Generator. Both of these products have the highest ratings and reviews online.

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