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People who are looking for dual-lens cameras must try these Rexing A1 Two Way Action Cameras for sure. Because nowadays, we love to travel and record a lot to make blogs and memories. Especially for YouTubers and bloggers, this type of action camera works so well.

In such a reasonable price range and with many unique features, without any doubt, it’s the best action camera for all. It not only provides excellent video quality and features but also makes traveling smooth for its compact design. Moreover, its innovative features and versatile usage will make you more comfortable and enjoy using these action cameras.

Most of the people wanted a better review of this Rexing A1 version. For this valid reason and to make your purchasing option easier, we have created this valuable article. I hope your concept about the A1 action camera reading below the whole article will be more transparent and confident to buy it.

So let’s check the overall review and don’t forget to see the buying guide. It will make your money worth it through buying this camera for sure.

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Who will need this Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera?

The best and most impressive fact about this action camera is that you can use it in many ways. Who are travelers, travel in different weather and many places—bloggers who are fascinated to make a blog and youtube videos. Photographers, video makers, and professional graphics workers can even use this Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera to shoot some movie clips.

Well, it’s one camera with so many varieties of usage and features. Its front and back shooting features, and dual-lens option make these cameras work in any workplace. You can also use this constructive area or where you need a camera to feature something.

You can use these cameras for your security purposes also. In many different places, we have noticed these cameras can also be used as a security method, which is an impressive option for these cameras. Its handy and compact design makes it suitable to carry anywhere and everywhere. Our consumers have shared most of the time, they have used this camera in hiking, motorcycles, bikes, cars, and most of the adventure journeys to capture their precious moment.

Best Features of Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera:

No matter what type of camera you do like but all these features are a must-have in every camera. So let’s see if Rexing A1 action cameras fully fulfill all these criteria in their two-way camera. Here are some essential qualities and features that a camera should have.

  • Video Quality: this two-way camera can provide both front and back rear videos. You can take video and record at the same time. They have an extra mic also to record sound. It’s a 2.7k resolution camera that can provide up to 10 min video recording and live stream in any weather. It can capture 12mbps video in every time shoot. It can also edit video in time-lapse and slow motion.
  • Stabilization: To maintain the stabilization, the camera packages come with a lot of mounting accessories. Using all of that, you can adjust the camera stability to your bike helmet, car front, or in your chest also. They provide different tools for it.
  • Size and Shape: Its total package dimension is 6.57 x 5 x 2.91 inches. Besides, its compact design is travel-friendly, and ready-to-go packing is quite impressive.
  • Accessories: With one two-way action camera, the packaging is full of different accessories. It includes Wireless Wrist Remote Control, Micro USB to USB charger Cord, one Wall Charger, mounting parts, quick release clip, and other stability functions.
  • Lens: This camera functions with dual-lens. With that, it gives extra zooming control, and the camera intensity always matches the moment from every point of view. So it has high-quality camera lenses.
  • Voice control: For voice recording, they include an extra mic for the camera. Through that, you can record and keep your voice control at the same time.
  • Durability: its production company gives an 18-month warranty on its durability. But we want to add that the camera will last along. Side parts can be broken or lost, but the high-tech camera is durable and stays longer even if you use it rashly.
  • Battery Life: one lithium battery is included with the packaging of the camera. You can use it longer with a one-time battery charger. Besides, they have a USB porter and micro USB cable to charge the camera quickly.
  • Connectivity features: you can connect the camera with a wifi connection and share your pictures and videos through the rexing app appearance. It provides better connectivity in wireless wrist control and can even be used in vehicles also.
  • Time-lapse capability: it’s rare to find time-lapse capability in such a low-budget camera. But Rexing provides you the time-lapse capability also. For this, you can create videos to connect short footage and fulfill your video-making enthusiasm.
  • Brand Support: The company provides us-based customer support and an 18-month warranty with easy replacement support.

Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera Review:

Best for all in one high-quality camera

Rexing A1 is a two-way action camera with a back and front view with dual-lens. It provides wide-angle, wifi support, and an easy wrist remote control with a waterproof camcorder for further vehicle support.

Product Description:

Sometimes it’s tough to find a camera with all the essential features. Well, if we find one, then it will cost so much more than our budget. But the Rexing brand has brought such a fantastic camera with splendid features in an affordable price range for all. Rexing A1 two-way action camera is now so popular worldwide for its fascinating quality and support. If we look at its features, this camera has dual-lens that can take pictures from any wide angle. Moreover, its innovative camera can record front and rear views in a (1920p+1080p) camera simultaneously.

It can record and capture simultaneously, and the best feature is completely weather-approved and waterproof also.


Through the wifi service, you can immediately share your photos, recording, video and even can go for a live stream from any perspective. It also provides wireless wrist control and app interference so that you can capture from any point of view with just one button.

Now, let’s come to the camera support. It has time-lapse, 2k resolution camera view, photo burst, selfie timer, slow-motion video recording, and lots of other functions to better capture quality. In all the packaging, you will get lots of free accessories. Like mounting parts, quick release clip, remote control, USB cable & charger with a lot more other functions.

Well, the company provides based customer support through mail or live support. Besides these, the whole product has an 18-month warranty. So in that way, if your product has any issue, they will figure it out for you.

Key Features:

  • Product Dimension: 6.57 x 5 x 2.91 inches
  • Battery Requirement: 1 Lithium-ion battery required.
  • Item Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Control Type: Remote control
  • Color: Black
  • Camera: 2.7k Action camera


  • This camera provides three different adjusting points. So that you can handle it from any angle, you want to capture.
  • Provide different flat and slight curve pads with 3M tape for the pads. It will make it easier to control the camera.
  • The size is compact, and for the app controller, it is way better for beginners to use easily.
  • For charging blocks, it has a USB charging wire and wifi support for instant sharing of pictures.
  • One battery is included with the package for more extended connectivity and has a remote controller with a velcro strap.
  • Provide voice recording services and get assembled. Compact design is easy to carry in travel time.
  • For better quality pictures, have different resolution settings in-camera.
  • Altogether waterproof packaging and has safety ports also.
  • Can easily adjust to motorcycles, cars, hiking, etc.


  • There is no Bluetooth connectivity in the camera.
  • The app controller is not clear and quite confusing to use.

Why should you pick Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera?

I think after reading the product description; you don’t have to wait for this survey. But as we are promising to serve you best, we would like to show you some vives to buy this fantastic product.

I use this Rexing A1 action camera. It has shown all its qualities to impress me. When you have less budget and want to have something worthy, you must try these Rexing ones. The most amazing fact is that it’s wholly budget-friendly and travel-friendly. You can easily adjust with your car, bikes, vehicle, or any interest in blogging and hiking.

I would love to say in recording and meantime, shooting these cameras has done its job perfectly. You don’t have to struggle much to control it.

Buying guide of Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera:

When you are ready to buy a camera, it depends on how the camera performs. Sometimes it’s tough to qualify the camera without testing it. In that case, a buying guide is a must for all.

Last but not least, features are always crucial in the selection of a camera. Because innovation is now creating interesting features day by day, it’s essential to know about the requirements and look for recommendations. You can also check this Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera reviews, where you will find this camera head to toe.

For further queries, you can also mail in the official website of the Rexing brand for more inquiry. We hope this camera will be enough to make your adventure more memorable and enjoyable.

Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera customer reviews



Is it a waterproof camera?

Yes, this camera is water-resistant. Besides, it’s safe to use in any weather and also gives proper support in heavy wind.

Can I record videos in an app recorder?

Yes, of course, you can. Through the app recorder, you can record up to 1,3,5,10 min video at once. The video camera has also provided a mic to record voice with it.

What are the connectivity processes of this camera?

Well, this camera has wireless wrist control and wifi setting to share your capture anywhere easily. To charge this camera there, you have a USB cable cord and USB port also.

What is the maximum memory support this camera will give?

This camera has 265GB of memory support. Besides memory support, it has a battery for more extended connectivity. In storage counseling, it will instantly save your new video and pictures, replacing the old one.


You might find high-end cameras of different brands of different quality. For professional and non-professional works, there are several camera versions available in the market. But we can guarantee you that once purchasing this camera, you will never try to change this.

In this extra period of innovation, Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera has done its job superbly. If you feel any problem before purchasing it, please check the buying guide at once and look for the consumer review to know their experience.

Or you can mail us and take support from our website to see the best review of this camera. So no more thinking right now; pack your bags and start a new journey with this fantastic camera. If you still have not bought this camera, now at the amazon store and take advantage of it.

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