Ceramic Tiles Bring Beauty to your Home or Office

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Many home owners today are investing in ceramic and porcelain floor and tile makeovers for their home. Tile is a great solution due to its versatility and strength and the number of rooms that benefit from it. Homeowners prefer tile because it is: 1) easy to clean and maintain; 2) waterproof or semi-waterproof; 3) natural and beautiful; and 4) durable.

The most popular areas for tile are the kitchen, bathroom, and foyer. You’ve also probably seen ceramic and porcelain tile on wall surfaces, like shower and bath surrounds, kitchen and stove areas and anywhere else you want to add a designer touch, like outdoor patio areas.

Tiles have changed their style over the years, just like fashions. Until about 20 years ago, the tiles frequently used were four and a quarter tiles, the small, rectangular tiles you often see in older bathrooms. Today’s homes feature much larger glazed tiles in pleasing earth tones, faux patterns and a variety of textures and finishes.

Applying your own tile can be nerve wracking, costly, and untidy, so think carefully before you attempt it yourself. Before you tear up your old floors, contact a floor and tile expert to discuss the ins and outs of the project. You can find good or high quality tile at big discounts to lower your custom installation costs and avoid a do-it-yourself nightmare. Suppliers will often discount your tile because: 1) it’s made outside the US; 2) it’s been taking up warehouse space; 3) it simply didn’t sell well; and 4) it’s a discontinued style or color.

Floor tiles have been graded from I to V, and Grade IV is the highest residential quality, followed by Grades II and III. Be sure to buy your tile from a floor and tile expert who you trust, because the floor tile grades are not visible to the buyer, and you could end up buying a low grade by mistake. In order to locate a great floor and tile expert in your area, ask your neighbors or search for a good dealer on the Internet. You’ll create a beautiful look for your home, but be sure to consult an expert to make sure it’s done right.

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